Prof. Ranganathan Govindaraj,MD.,FIPM


Prof. Ranganathan Govindaraj,MD.,FIPP (USA)

Prof. Ranganathan Govindaraj is an anesthesiologist and interventional pain physician in Galveston, Texas USA and is affiliated with University of Texas Medical Branch. He has been in pain practice for more than 35 years. He is one of world renowned interventional pain physician. He is an active member of World Institute of Pain (WIP) and american Society for interventional physicians (ASIPP). He has been invited to several international conferences over the past three decades. He has also authored many books and papers on the subject.







Dr.K.Vijayaraghavan,MD.,FIPM (Germany)

Highly motivated and driven, Dr K.Vijayaraghavan is a competent pain specialist and proficient academician. He did his post-graduate degree in MD Anaesthesiology from a prestigious Institution. He further gained experience by working at pain medicine department at University of Texas Medical Branch, USA. Subsequently he completed fellowship in pain management from Aesculap Academy, Germany. He was extensively trained by Prof.Ranganathan (Houston,USA), Prof.G.P Dureja (AIIMS, Delhi) in interventional pain management.

His specialties include management of knee pain, spine pain, joint pain, regenerative medicine, cancer pain and neuropathic pain.




Dr.S.Chendhil Raja,MD.,FIPM


Dr.S.Chendhil Raja,MD.,FIPM (Germany)

Dr.S.Chendhil Raja is an energetic & dynamic physician. He has completed his post graduation in MD Anesthesiology and worked in various capacities at prestigious institutions. He has worked with various stalwarts in critical care and anesthesiology. Thereafter, he completed his Fellowship in Pain Management from Aesculap Academy, Germany (FIPM). He worked extensively with Dr.G.P Dureja and gained immense skills and knowledge.

His  areas of specialisation include spine care, joint pain management, knee pain management, cancer pain management and palliative care.